Sooooo! I finally tried #stitchfix. I needed to know what all the craze was about. I will tell you about my experience.
Filling out my profile online was a breeze. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I loved that they had images and that they had options to demonstrate how much I liked or disliked a specific style of clothing. They take styles and break them up by putting together a few outfits of each style and making you select how much you like that group of clothing. It was honestly like daydreaming (though also a bit self-doubting “would I really wear that?”). Anyway, navigating the website was a breeze and most certainly the most important part of the process. I made sure to take advantage of the note section to let my stylist know a little bit about me, what I was looking for etc. Though, I did feel the number of words allotted to leave the note was limited, I am sure the purpose is to leave a note that is succinct. In the end, you are also given the option to share your Pinterest profile, which I totally took advantage of! Why not?!
Upon completion of my online profile, I received a confirmation email confirming my “fix.” I was ecstatic!
Soon thereafter I received an email with my shipping and tracking information. At this point, I was eager. Very eager!
When the package arrived I might as well have been a sixteen-year-old girl who was being given the keys to her first car. I was over the moon!

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