Making the Move

Hey ya’ll! So, it has been some time since I have been on here writing good stuff for ya’ll to read, but I am BACK!

Life has been crazy, and well, when isn’t it? And if it wasn’t from time to time, what fun would it be?

As some of you may be aware, since my last post a lot has changed in my life. I am now a mother of two and my daughter is 2 1/2 years old!! Oh  and my son?! Well, he just turned 11!! Oh boy.

But that is just a small piece of whats been going on in my life since I was last on here… the BIGGEST news?!

We moved to Texas!! What part of Texas specifically? Central Texas. We are Austinites for all intents and purposes… And ya’ll, there is nothing that has made me happier in a long time!

So, now I am excited to share with you all that being an Austinite has to offer.

You may ask, why the move? I was ready. We were ready. We had always talked about moving to warmer weather, but making such a big decision being a young family does not come easy. And well, we needed to make sure that this was the right thing for our entire family. So let me walk you through how this went down.

After talking about moving since we started dating (I literally have images of the Hubs and I laying down on my bed about three months into dating talking about what state with warm weather we would move to one day), we came up with a list of things that were important for wherever we decided to live. Though I have lost my original list, the list went something like this:

  1. Affordable living

I feel like I need to break this one down because affordable living encompasses so much. For us affordable living meant a few things:

  • Houses that were affordable, specifically houses we wanted to live in that were affordable. Though I have not shared with ya’ll the experience of buying our first house, to sum it all up; we hated the house. It was important that in the price range we could afford wherever we moved to was a place where we could find a house that was comfortable to make a home for our growing family.
  • Schools! It was important to us that affordable house was in a location that meant great school for our kids.
  • It was also important that house with those great schools was in a safe, no-crime area with like families and yes, there is an emphasis on multi-cultural, multi-racial families in there.

2. Things to do

It was important to be in or near a big city with a plethora of activities to do. From outdoor family activities to nightlife, it was important that wherever we moved we had as many options as possible within reasonable driving distance to us.

3. Tech!!

The Hubs is in Tech, and so it was important that we lived in an environment that had plentiful jobs in that field.

4. Diversity

Well, living in New Hampshire, especially in the area we lived in, diversity was only a dream. To say that my son and I were one of the few, if not the only people of color at most events we attended (including school for my son), is not an exaggeration. In fact, my son might have been one of the five colored children in his elementary school with a total of 336 students. (Though, now that I think about it, five might be giving them too much credit)… Regardless, it was important for us, us a bi-cultural and bi-racial family that we moved somewhere where diversity was plentiful. Racial diversity, cultural diversity, all types of diversity.

… and I am sure there were a few other things on that list (that I promise to upload if I ever find my original list), but these were the most important things for us. And after years of web surfing and reading endless articles about best places to raise a family, such as this one  we came to a conclusion:

We wanted to relocate to Dallas!!! 

Wait.. I said we are Austinites, right?!

We are.. during our trip to Texas in March of 2017 to confirm what the countless hours of online research had yielded, we planned to visit Dallas and while in Texas we would also visit Austin, well, because I love music.. especially live music. Stopping in Austin before our return home and after confirming our love for the move we would one day make – to Dallas – would be a fantastic idea!

Buuuuuutttt.. that didn’t work out. I visited Dallas and I loved visiting there. I loved the lights, I loved the gazillion things to do. BUT I am not a big city kinda girl and I did not fall in deep deep love the way I thought I would.

Then there was Austin. We arrived in Austin – at our hotel and it was definitely the CITY of Austin.. but it didn’t feel so overwhelming. It was nice, quaint, beautiful, artsy, and walking down some of the main streets in downtown Austin just felt like … it felt right. It felt like a city I would love to explore. And ya’ll HERE we are!




  1. Hey girl. Looks like this was posted in summer however, I wanted to see how your Texas life was going?!
    Husband is also in Tech and Texas is where my heart is. After visiting San Antonio the last couple years for grandparents before they passed, I fell in love!
    When you can actually see yourself living somewhere and it hasn’t even happened… just feels right.

    Any how I hope your settling in has gone smooth and yall are happy and flourishing!

    Take care!


    • Hey!
      I know EXACTLY what you mean when you can see yourself living somwhere and it hasnt even happened.. that is what I experienced when I visited Austin! We recently visited San Antonio (last weekend to be exact) and I definitely understand what you mean. The few places in Texas I have visited make me feel like I could live here FOREVER. Aside from the extremely hot summers Texas is perfect!!
      So far the transition has been great my 11-year-old son loves it here and when I have asked if he misses New England and if he wants to move back he is very quick to answer NO! My husband feels the same. For my husband, he has found here all the tech opportunities he could have only ever dreamed of and he loves being able to be a part of the large tech community here and meet like-minded professionals. For me ​it has been the sun! I love how much sun there is here!!

      Thank you for commenting and if ya’ll ever decide to make Texas home do reach out!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am so glad to hear your enjoying your move and loving the transition! ❤️

        Absolutely! If and when we find our way to Texas, I’ll definitely give you a chime! 🌟

        Happy New Year


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