Am I a Foodie?

Hey ya’ll!

Having moved to Austin, Texas out of all the other parts of Texas we could have chosen, people don’t often speak of Texas food first. Usually I hear “what made you fall in love?” But.. I know that they mean, why did you choose the weirdest place in Texas to relocate your whole family?

And… the answer is.. I am a liberal!

Just kidding that is not the answer. The answer is, I fell in love with “that vibe.” I fell in love with the authenticity with futuristic idealisms that this city offers while walking through any street in downtown Austin. And… I cannot lie because when I said I fell in love with food trucks, I was not lying.

I know what people think when I say I love food trucks. Mostly, because that was me thinking the same thing – ‘no wonder she is kinda big’ or ‘no wonder she can’t lose weight’ no wonder, etc., etc…. but ya’ll!! That is A OK by me! Because I LOVE food trucks.

Aside from the simplicity that food trucks represent to me, I also love the food that comes out of them… ALL the types. But what I love most, is the food trucks inability to offer a large menu, therefore simplifying my food options down to a menu of less than about 10 things… and I my friends.. ABSOLUTELY love that!

But this has brought me to question something really seriously? Should I be considering myself a foodie?

Ahhh.. the answer is.. IDK!

I love food, I love tasting all these new flavors and experiencing this new freshness of food that I cannot believe I have missed out the majority of my life… but does that make me a foodie? Or does that just make me someone who thoroughly enjoys food to the point that they are inconsiderate of whether or not they should be eating it at that exact point in time?

Welp, I guess we will never know!

However if you ARE looking for amazing food trucks in the Austin area to try, I have included a couple of my favorites so far:

Veracruz All Natural Cesar Chavez

Veracruz All Natural – Cesar Chavez


Churro Co Food Truck.pngCHURRO CO.



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