Familial Update

As indicated in my previous post, there has been an update to our family unit. Well, quite a few updates … the specific one I am referring to is quite BIG.

Kassia is now two years old and oh boy.! She is ALL sass. This little spunk of energy joined us in January of 2016 and has already made her mark in the world. The big personality with lots of dramatic effects and the loud, top of your lungs squealing are amongst some of her most well-defined traits.

Because Kianu was always this perfect child, the hubby and I had this great idea… 9 months later, Kassia was born.

BUUTT I guess I should backtrack a little bit. Basically, we are a family of four. Mom, Dad, Boy and Girl. We had a cat once… and though that is a story for another blog post, she is no longer with us. Her name was Maia and Maia completed our family, BUT she also made us realize we are not exactly pet people. Because:

  1. We suck at taking care of them
  2. Most dogs terrify me
  3. Cats can be smelly AND scare me a little too
  4. My kids don’t pick up after themselves, never mind a pet
  5. I get stuck taking care of all pet needs – as if I don’t have enough going on with two kids, a husband, a full-time job and a blog
  6. I already struggle to spend due time with the people in my life, never mind a pet

I could rant on forever about the reasons we are not exactly pet people. But I would be lying if I said that we don’t miss Maia sometimes. After she finally warmed up to us, Maia would scare us by just hanging out on the edge of our beds all night. She would scare us by hiding all day with us being unable to find her. Most of all, she was finally warming up to cuddling us on the couch whenever we’d watch a movie or something.

Aside from all the selfish lessons the kids and I learned from having Maia we also learned the requirements of having a pet at home. As this article suggests, some of those things include:

  1. You need to have love in your heart to give
  2. It is a commitment – the same commitment you make when having a child
  3. There is an adjustment period
  4. You need a pet that fits your lifestyle
  5. You need to make pet-friendly adjustments to your home
  6. You will need to invest in training
  7. You need funds in your monthly budget for the pets needs
  8. Pet insurance is a MUST

Ultimately, making the decision to be a pet-having family is not one that should be taken lightly. There is a lot of research and time that goes into making such a big decision. But ya’ll!!! There is ALWAYS google!

In her memory, here is a picture of our sweet Maia for ya’ll.



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