Baseball Ready

Being a mom is the most rewarding part of my life. The return on my investment has duplicated to lengths I could not have predicted.

This, I have to remember as we gear up for another season of baseball.

Last baseball season was a bit brutal. My little guy had baseball what felt like every single day. The rush to get to work earlier to be able to get out earlier to rush at 4pm to grab Kassia from daycare and then KIanu from school and get him to baseball practice/games by 5pm really took a toll on us all.

Don’t get me wrong we LOVE baseball! Baseball season is actually my favorite of all the sports the little guy part takes in. The sound of the bat hitting the ball; the screaming, screaching and emotions that run high are all so much fun. Chasing Kassia and being able to sit on the grass, play with bugs, dance in the mud and breathe fresh air is beautiful and I do the best that I can to enjoy it to the max.

With that being said, it is still not easy, a lot of components come into play to make the season a success. Laundry, like every. single. day. to make sure that his practice and/or game pants are washed timely, that his baseball gear is all the the right car, that we have cold drinks, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, extra sweatshirts, umbrellas, outdoor folding chairs and most importantly that the Hubby is going to make it timely to perform his Assistant Coach duties and everything that comes along with that. Whew!

BUT the truth is, nothing worth having comes easy and as much as we may struggle through baseball season, the joy we get out of it as a family as well as the joy in my little guy’s heart is worth it all.

As we gear up for another baseball season – this time under the scorching, hot sun – we are excited! And nervous. A little nervous. No. VERY nervous.

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