400 Prompts

Howdy Ya’ll ,

In thinking about what good content I could post on the blog I came across a wonderful idea. Well, at least, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

A few years ago I came across this book at FiveBelow that I loved. It was more of a journal-type thing.  How can I describe it? It is like a sketchbook that instead consists of questions that you and I never give much thought to. This, I thought it would be great for writing and unraveling some thoughts that perhaps you and I do not slow down to process.

HOWEVER, what this has done for me has been a lot more than I describe. Yes, I hand write a response to each and every single one of those questions in there when I make the time… but what has happened as a result of that is the joyous part. Some of these questions have made me REALLY think. It has made me give thought to things that perhaps I would have never considered, some of these, life-shaping.

So what happened when I was thinking about what content I could share with ya’ll on my blog? I came across this! and I thought AHA! I know my readers will love this as much as I do!! And ya’ll here we are! I plan on sharing with ya’ll every single one of those 400 questions and my response to them… In return, my hopes are that this will spark up some thought-provoking moments, open readers up to have these conversations with their loved ones even if it is just for a good laugh, or a heartfelt, soulful moment. My hope ya’ll is that these 400 prompts helps to heal and helps in the lifelong journey of whatever it is we have all embarked on!


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