Question One

Thinking about what you see in life is an every day part of my life. I know right now you’re wondering WTH I’m talking about…

Here’s a tid bit…

I realize that what I see and what I look at are two different things, so, I always first think: what am I supposed to be seeing? What is the universe trying to communicate to me before I see what things actually are, in their physical form. So I always ask myself questions that I then spend the next XX (sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes months exploring within myself) amount of time trying to understand within myself about my immediate response to my own question. It’s a complex cycle, but… it makes me feel alive. It makes me see the world differently. It helps me to feel and understand something sooo deeply. And I love it. Because it makes me well aware of each and every one of the universe’s possibilities -one at a time!

Annddd how any of that relates to the first of 400 prompts to which I am posting my response and asking for yours? I’m not sure. Lol. But here is the first question and answer I’m sharing with ya’ll!

So, if YOUR family had a mascot, what would it be and why?!!


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