NYE 2018

Today is.. New Year’s Eve ya’ll.

And.. well, with that comes all of the promises that individuals make to themselves for the upcoming year. Weight loss, debt freedom, more travel, less anxiety, career change, etc..

However, every year around this time I ask myself the same question, or, to be exact, a version of this question; “why aren’t more people including being grateful to their goals for the upcoming year?” I am sure that you, like myself, think ‘well because that goes without saying’, or, ‘because goals are a necessity for continued growth’, and while both are thoughts that I agree with, I believe that we often, and by often I mean, like 90% of the time overlook the fact that being grateful requires mindfulness.

It is important that we are mindful every day of each and every single one of our intentions – short and long-term ones. Our intentions set forth our mindset for when we start the day, it sets forth our life if we practice setting intentions on a daily basis. By setting intentions we learn to appreciate things as simple as breath.. which, we should be waking up and being grateful for as our first thought of the day. This stuff is life changing.

But, how many of us consider this when setting our goals for the upcoming year around New Year’s Eve every year? How many of us remember to be grateful for breath? For clean water? For fresh air? For the people we love? For the people who love us? After all, it is these little things that make up our lives.

With that heaviness, I’d like to challenge us all today on New Year’s Eve… To say goodbye to this calendar year why don’t we do something that is meaningful, something that shows that you are grateful, something to show someone that you love them, not for something they did for you, but for being in your life. So, perhaps. we can each write a “thank you” note by and to a special person in our life and thank them for being in yours, thank them for being them.. and if you are feeling particularly brave, tlet them know how who they are has had a positive impact in your own life!

Happy New Year’s Eve Ya’ll! ❤

NYE 2018

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