It’s my birthday (season)!

Ya’ll…. my birthday is very quickly approaching!! (Insert woman fake smiling while internally freaking out).

Ahh..  Well, with my birthday quickly approaching there are a gazillion things I want to share with ya’ll.

Why I often ask myself that is a mere curiosity. Every year I ask myself what this year’s birthday means to me, and the answer is always different… The answer is different because it is always dependent on what I am feeling at that moment in my life. What is making me feel? I often ask whether I am where the Universe intended for me to be? That is usually the part where the freaking out starts, but I don’t let myself get too far down the rabbit hole and try to remember to be grateful and remember that the Universe will always find a way of getting me to where I need to be.

… With the themes of the 400 prompts that I have been sharing with you all, I am going to share a birthday related one.

The prompt is: “Plan your perfect birthday party.”

Ahhhhh.. (Yeess, freaking out again!)

Well, the freaking out comes in because of my party planning/hosting anxiety. However, the thought of the actual perfect birthday party makes me have a lot of feels. I know exactly what it would be:

In my backyard with all of the trees filled with outdoor lights. A looooonnnggg wood dinner table filled with white candles and white, pink and green flowers as the centerpiece. White stoneware, gold silverware. White with green striped napkins. Everyone dressed in white, flowy clothing, no shoes and floral headbands to their liking. Under the stars. Andrea Bocelli playing live music. Soft, sensible, light,emotion-packed evening inclusive of a lot of dancing, star-gazing, and heartfelt memories created. With the people I hold dearest to my heart. Simple. Beautiful. Timeless.

Something similar to this…

BirthParty Picture

In celebration of my birthday (of course, it’s all about me).. Share what YOUR perfect birthday party would be!

Happy Summer ya’ll!


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